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  • How are chaos and complexity theory relevant to our work as therapists?

    Approach/issue: Integrative

    As a therapist, have you ever struggled valiantly, but hopelessly against the entrenched resistance of a client who says they are desperate to change, but are actually digging their heels in at every turn, reacting with “yes, but …” to each and every suggestion? These kinds of situations can often leave you with the sense that you are much more invested in their self-actualisation than they are, and that your therapeutic efforts on their behalf are somewhat like Sisyphos pushing the boulder uphill.

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  • Mutual recognition in the “post-fact” world

    Approach/issue: Group therapy

    Jane Czyzselska considers the psychology of group interaction in the new era of President Trump.

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Latest articles and interviews

  • Recovering from Depression with a New Perspective

    Approach/issue: Depression
    A Therapist Shares the Story of His Battle with Chronic Pain.

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  • ‘Metaphors from the Edge of Chaos’, an interview with Allan Frater

    Approach/issue: Integrative
    Allan Frater is one of the trainers at the Psychosynthesis Trust, with a particular interest in imagination and ecopsychology. Over the past couple of years, he has been running a series of workshops for therapists, counsellors and coaches that have developed a theme he calls, ‘wild imagination’. The interview caught up with Allan as he prepared for his forthcoming workshop, ‘Metaphors from the Edge of Chaos’, which runs at the Trust May 12th and 13th.

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