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  • How are chaos and complexity theory relevant to our work as therapists?

    Approach/issue: Integrative

    As a therapist, have you ever struggled valiantly, but hopelessly against the entrenched resistance of a client who says they are desperate to change, but are actually digging their heels in at every turn, reacting with “yes, but …” to each and every suggestion? These kinds of situations can often leave you with the sense that you are much more invested in their self-actualisation than they are, and that your therapeutic efforts on their behalf are somewhat like Sisyphos pushing the boulder uphill.

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  • Mutual recognition in the “post-fact” world

    Approach/issue: Group therapy

    Jane Czyzselska considers the psychology of group interaction in the new era of President Trump.

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Latest articles and interviews

  • Psychotherapy and the Soul

    Approach/issue: Person-Centered/Transpersonal

    Jane Czyzselska introduces our new webcast series on the soul in psychotherapy

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  • Losing trust in the world: Humiliation and its consequences

    Approach/issue: Psychodynamic

    The author identifies acts of humiliation as a specific and often traumatic way of exercising power, with a set of consistently occurring elements and predictable consequences, including a loss of the ability to trust others. It is argued that these consequences are serious and long-lasting. The article makes a distinction between ‘shame’ as a state of mind and ‘humiliation’ as an act perpetrated against a person or group. The interplay between humiliation and shame after a humiliating act is discussed. It is argued that the patient’s recovery of the capacity to resume a relatively normal life is made more likely if the therapist acknowledges the specificity of humiliation, the impossibility of reversing a humiliating act and the importance of focussing on the consequences of humiliation.

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