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Dr Aaron Balick on should Shrinks tweet? Public personas in the context of private work

  • 26th Apr 2013
  • Dr Aaron Balick

Quite simply, the world is not what it was ten or fifteen years ago let alone in 1895 when Freud and Breuer’s book Studies in Hysteria, the precursor to psychoanalysis proper, was published. Though born in the age of what some have called the second industrial revolution, psychoanalysis pretty much eschewed technology.

Dr David Murphy on IAPT workforce census

  • 1st Apr 2013
  • Dr David Murphy

I’ve recently been blogging about Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) as part of a research study and in this particular blog I’m giving a quick overview of the situation for employed therapists. I thought it might be of interest to those both in or out of IAPT circles, and to look into what the future might hold, especially for those seeking work. Being involved in training therapists I’m interested in the possibilities for employment and future prospects for trainees once qualified.

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