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Michael Soth on 'In an impossible profession, the therapist needs to fail.'

  • 30th Jul 2013
  • Michael Soth

In the last entry, I suggested that psychotherapy’s depth, impact and effectiveness would increase dramatically, if we took the notion of the ‘impossible profession’ not as a quip, but as an essential reality – as the paradoxical foundation of our work. Today – without yet delving into any deeper reasons or explanations - I will state the same point from the therapist’s perspective, by focusing on that interesting moment when the impossibility emerges as a crisis in the therapist’s professional identity which they bring to supervision...

Susie Orbach: Psychoanalysis’s discomfort with touch

  • 15th Jul 2013
  • Dr Susie Orbach

That’s my squeeze machine . . . some people call it my hug machine. . . . it exerts a firm but comfortable pressure on the body, from the shoulder to the knees. As she lies in her machine . . . she feels that the machine opens a door into an otherwise closed emotional world and allows her, almost teaches her, to feel empathy for others. (Oliver Sacks, An Anthropologist from Mars pp. 263, 264)

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