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Book review: The Psyche in the Modern World - Psychotherapy and Society

Tracy Jarvis interviews Tom Warnecke about a new book that aims to open consulting room doors and establish new connections between psychotherapy and society. Tom identifies the main dychotomies that keep psychotherapy in the margins of society - dychotomies the psychotherapy profession needs to address to achieve better visibility and influence both in public and interdisciplinary space.


The Psyche in the Modern World: Self and Society explores a number of pertinent themes through it's pages including:


  1. Chapter 1: Psyche and Agora: the Psyche at the crossroads of personal and societal contexts by Tom Warnecke

  2. Chapter 2: The politics of intelligence: working with intellectual disability by Alan Corbett

  3. Chapter 3: Clinical snobbery—get me out of here! New clinical paradigms or children with complex disturbances by Camila Batmanghelidjh

  4. Chapter 4: Why aren’t we educating? Psychotherapy, psy-culture, and the psy-ber world by Alison Bryan

  5. Chapter 5: Psychotherapy, relationality, and the Long Revolution by Mary MacCallum Sullivan and Harriett Goldenberg

  6. Chapter 6: Human-based medicine—theory and practice: from modern to postmodern medicine by Michael Musalek

  7. Chapter 7: Routes out of schizophrenia by Theodor Itten

  8. Chapter 8: Counting the cost by Claire Entwistle

  9. Chapter 9: How broader research perspectives can free clients and psychotherapists to optimise their work together by Peter Stratton

This book is part of UKCP Book Series and is published via Karnac. To purchase the book click here.


Tom Warnecke

Tom Warnecke is a psychotherapist, artist and writer and maintains a psychotherapy practice in London. He teaches internationally, facilitates small and large groups events and developed a relational-somatic approach to Borderline dynamics. Previously, he also worked in community mental health services. He is editor of "The Psyche in the Modern World" (Karnac, 2015), a co-editor of the international journal "Body, Movement and Dance in Psychotherapy" and published a number of papers and book chapters. He is a member of the Executive Committee of the European Association for Psychotherapy (EAP) and a past Vice-chair of UK Council for Psychotherapy.

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