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Working With Self-Harming Adolescents

  • 28th Feb 2019
  • Stephen Briggs

According to a new survey commissioned by Self-Harm UK, The Mix and YoungMinds, a third of 16-25 year-olds in Britain have at some point self-harmed. Despite these rising numbers, confusions and contradictions persist in the way we define and conceptualise self-harm. To mark Self-Harm Awareness Day on March 1, Professor Stephen Briggs addresses the link between suicide and self-harm, and explains why they need to be understood in the context of core developmental struggles.

Holding Male Survivors of Sexual Abuse in Mind

  • 11th Feb 2019
  • Sarah Van Gogh

There has been a huge shift in public consciousness recently when it comes to the scale of sexual violation endured by women at the hands of men. But what about those men and boys who are themselves survivors of sexual abuse? Sarah Van Gogh, author of a recent book on this subject, has seen the impact of such experiences on those men that do find their way to therapy – and suspects far more male survivors remain overlooked and unsupported in their shame and despair.

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