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Wellbeing Practitioner - CBT Therapist

We are actively looking for a Wellbeing Practitioner to join our team in the South Yorkshire/Humber area! This is a permanent role working 37.5 hours per week Monday to Friday.

Job title: Wellbeing Practitioner / CBT Therapist

Role summary:

• Provide Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) based pain management to patients.
• Assess, plan and review patients’ pain management appropriately within the multi-disciplinary team.
• Ensure own clinical standards comply with CQC requirements, including infection control, patient safety, equity, protection of vulnerable people and data protection.
• Participate in the appraisal process, developing own competence as required.
• Contribute to clinical team development and MDT Meetings.

Key duties & responsibilities:

• Deliver relevant, effective and sensitive pain management to individuals and groups, as part of the multi-disciplinary team.
• Assess patients and facilitate them in setting personal goals.
• Devise, review and participate in delivering plans of care aimed at helping patients achieve their goals.
• Communicate effectively with the patient’s GP to facilitate a beneficial partnership in patient care.
• Promote patient education and understanding of pain, rehabilitation and self-management strategies, on an individual basis and as part of the pain management programme. Develop educational materials where required.
• Evaluate own performance based on professional / clinical standards, relevant studies and organisational criteria. Identify strengths and development potential.
• Participate in own annual appraisal process, and ongoing supervision where required.
Identify relevant learning and development opportunities and engage in appropriate continuous professional development where practicable.
• Attend and contribute to regular multi-disciplinary team meetings and mandatory training.
• Ensure personal clinical practice complies with CQC Core standards, including infection control, equity and protection of vulnerable people.
• Plan and deliver relevant training/education to patients, carers and staff.
• Evaluate outcome of care with MDT, assessing distress/emotional impact of pain, belief and thinking biases, range and level of activity, health care use and work status where relevant.
• Ensuring clear verbal and written communication of patient‘s psychological needs to others involved in patients care as appropriate.

Summary of InHealth Pain Management Solutions

IPMS provides evidence-based pain management services to the NHS within the community setting. The role is vital in ensuring that specialist pain management is focused on both patient’s individual needs and the needs of the local pain community. Efficient, effective patient care that is routinely evaluated using patient feedback and clinical outcomes is the essence of the organisation’s business. PMS delivers its services by close multi-disciplinary team working.


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