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Comprehensive Resource Model

The Comprehensive Resource Model (CRM) is a neuro-biologically based trauma treatment model which facilitates targeting of traumatic experiences by bridging the most primitive aspects of the person and their brain, to their purest, healthiest part of the self.

This bridge catalyzes the mind and body to access all forms of emotional trauma and stress by utilizing layers of internal resources such as attachment neurobiology, breathwork skills, somatic resources, our connection to the natural world, toning and sacred geometry, and one's relationship with self, our intuition, and higher consciousness.

The sequencing and combination of these resources, and the eye positions that anchor them, provide the opportunity for fear responses to be cleared thoroughly while the client is fully aware and present moment to moment.

CRM allows individuals to effectively orient fully towards the most frightening material, uniquely accessing and clearing the origin of the split second moments of intolerable affect that result in defense responses which lead to life-interfering symptoms, addictions, and disconnection from self and others. The potential for clearing neurobiological debris from the nervous system clears the way for positive neuro-plasticity and personal expansion whether that is seen as spiritual or otherwise, and which is separate from one's history of pain and woundedness.


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(West Sussex) CRM Basic Training

This 4 day workshop is for psychotherapists, counsellors, therapists, psychologists and psychiatrists. Delegates are required to have an accredited mental health qualification. Refreshments and lunch are provided, please notify us of any allergies.

CRM was originally developed for use with those individuals who experience the challenges of Complex PTSD, severe Dissociative Disorders, and Attachment Disorders, however most psychiatric diagnoses are effectively addressed through the use of this model. The question is not “Can I use this with x, y, z diagnosis?” but rather “How do I use CRM with any diagnosis”.  Military veterans and their families find this modality to be particularly effective in healing the deep wounds caused by war. Performance enhancement goals for sports, expressive arts, public speaking or any type of performance needs in any age group are most often effectively reached.

CRM works well with children as young as 4 years old as well as adolescents, adults and couples.  Group therapy benefits from creative use of various aspects of the model in inpatient, partial hospital and outpatient group settings.

- Learn how to use an internally sourced, neurobiological resource scaffold from which to process attachment disruption and traumatic experiences.

- The CRM conceptualization of the neurobiology of trauma and healing.

- How to customize home-based practice for the maintenance of therapeutic gain.



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Open Days

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