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EFT International School

EFT International School is the leaading provider of Emotionally Focused Therapy (EFT) in the UK, in conjunction with ICEEFT (International Center for Excellence in Emotionally Focused Therapy) and independently. EFT sees emotional closeness, safety and intimacy at the core of a loving and meaningful relationship.

Developed by Dr. Sue Johnson in the 80s, EFT has been acknowledged as one of the most thoroughly researched, clearly delineated, and empirically validated approaches in the field of couple therapy.


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4th EFT International Summer School NEWCOMERS STREAM

Presentation "EFT in Action. Road Map to Emotional Healing: An Outline of the Theory and Practice of Emotionally Focused Therapy for Couples" with Gulya Diyarova, UK, Director of EFT International School, ICEEFT Cert. EFT therapist and supervisor, MSc Tavistock, UKCP, COSRT Accred., MBACP. If you’re a qualified psychotherapist, psychologist or counsellor offering individual therapy and thinking of working with couples, this 2-day workshop will be of particular interest to you, and to all practicing clinicians working with couples and families wishing to learn this wonderful model.

Do your clients question if their partners are there for them? Do they wonder about their partners’ accessibility?

You will have a chance to learn and get familiar with EFT – the kindest approach which makes so much sense to therapists and clients alike, and has become a 'Secure Base and Safe Haven' in its own right for many EFT practitioners.

Emotionally Focused Therapy sees emotional closeness, safety and intimacy at the core of a loving and meaningful relationship. When a relationship is in distress we tend to start a habitual 'dance', where one person criticizes and gets angry and the other defends and shuts down. The couple get caught up in this negative dance, and very soon we see the other person as the enemy. EFT helps the partners identify the patterns of blame and distancing, and helps couples to safely connect and become close again. In this excellent introduction to the theory and practice of EFT participants will get a clear sense of what the EFT model is and its well researched effectiveness as a therapeutic approach.

Participants of NEWCOMERS Stream may proceed to the EFT-TRAINED Stream at Preferential rates and participate either in 4 day training or in 2-day Block 1 or Block 2 (on understanding that some material may be at intermediate to advanced level).



Leanne Campbell, Kathryn Rheem, David Fairweather and Jennifer Olden for the 1st time in the UK, come to share their expert knowledge and skill with the international EFT Community!

Day 1 - 3rd July: with Leanne Campbell, PhD and David Fairweather, PhD, Certified EFT Trainers, Canada

Presentation "Becoming Stronger in Our Broken Places. Healing Affairs and Repairing Attachment Injuries (AIRM)" Infidelity, either sexual and/or emotional, or 'digital', especially in our plugged-in internet world, often dissolves marriages. WHEN and HOW to work with couples in resolving attachment injuries in both stages One and Two of EFT? HOW to work with shame and grief with respect to AIRM specifically? HOW to work with partners, both intrapsychically and relationally...? And much more!

Day 2 - 4th July: with Kathryn Rheem, EdD, Certified EFT Trainer, and Jennifer Olden, MFT, USA

Presentation "The Odyssey from Reactivity to Vulnerability: Working with Challenging Emotions in EFT"
What does it mean “to befriend” reactivity/anger? HOW can we explore reactivity and use it as a gateway to softer places? HOW can we use the Experiencing Scale (Klein, 1969) as a guide to the depth and direction of emotional exploration? Join us for this courageous and rewarding adventure of learning not just the WHY, but especially the HOW of helping your clients make the journey from the stuckness of reactive emotion to vulnerability.

This training day will be offered in “EFT Café” style Dr Kathryn Rheem and Jennifer Olden developed online together as a place for a safe and interactive exploration of key EFT Interventions which lead to the couple’s core paradigm shift. EFT International Summer School is proud to become a platform for their debut face-to-face presentation.

Day 3 and Day 4 - 5-6th: July with Leanne Campbell, PhD and Kathryn Rheem, PhD.

Presentation "Working with the Echoes of Trauma in Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT): How Sharing Emotions Soothes the Traumatised Brain and Heart"
The echoes of unresolved trauma and emotional dis-regulation are often loudest and most disruptive in intimate relationships. In this two-day training, Drs. Campbell and Rheem, long-time ICEEFT trainers will apply EFT to trauma survivor couples. The focus will be on HOW to heal the relationship by helping trauma survivors reach open-heartedly and their partners respond vulnerably.

Each training day will include:

Didactic presentations, experiential exercises, role plays, skills and intervention demonstrations by the trainers, video clips of real couple sessions with live commentaries from trainers and interactive group learning.

Fee: £650, Early Bird, discount for ICEEFT members and past School attendees.


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