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SOS Internationale (Somatic Experiencing Training®)

SOSI offers educational programmes and workshops in the prevention and resolution of traumatic stress, the nemesis that underlies the majority of symptoms we express as individuals, families, societies and cultures. These programmes range from in-depth professional trainings of three years, which prepare healthcare providers to work in the field of PTSD, to short introductions and weekend workshps that are available to everybody.

SOSI understands that there is too much suffering in the world to place trauma prevention and resolution only in the hands of mental health professionals. Trauma is common to us all, and so is its resolution. Each one of us is endowed with an inherent capacity to heal, irrespective of race, creed, socio-economic status, education or religious orientation. SOSI supports people to access this inherent gift and to teach it to their families, loved ones, associates and colleagues, empowering ordinary people to do extraordinary things.

SOSI believes that everyone should have an understanding of what drives our behaviour and why, and a simple, practical toolbox for moving through life's most difficult moments. SOSI is committed to providing both.

SOSI offers individuals an understanding of their symptoms, practical tools to resolve them, and key points for self-regulation. Sessions are both educational and therapeutic, leading to a reduction in symptoms and a return to a more profound sense of psychological, emotional and physical well-being. Specialised bodywork may be used to support the therapeutic process.


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Introduction to Somatic Experiencing Workshop(SE)®

Giselle Genillard, the director of SOSI, will lead this introduction to Somatic Experiencing (SE). Over the two days you will learn the fundamental principles of SE and acquire some tools that you can apply in your personal and professional lives. The workshop will be a combination of theory, lecture and experiential exercises and is a pre requisite for the Somatic Experiencing 3 year training.

£320 Early Bird price (ends 1st April 2019)


Integral Somatic Psychology (ISP) Professional Training -Module 1

The Physiology of Emotions

Raja has developed ISP by drawing from Western and Eastern psychology, scientific research on the neurology and physiology of psychological experiences, empirical research from body psychotherapy schools, and bodywork, movement, and energy work traditions.ISP offers experienced clinicians with prior psychological and somatic training, a master training  in how to further increase one’s clinical effectiveness considerably, through helping clients to embody more levels of their psyche. The ISP training consists of 12 days taught in three four­-day modules over 18 months.

Module 1: Working with Emotions with Greater Efficiency through the Science of the Physiology of Emotions and Principles of Energy Psychology.

You will learn how to work with emotional or affective experiences more deeply and completely through the physical and energy bodies, work that can also significantly improve cognitive and behavioural work that you do with yourself and your clients. You will also learn how to work with psychophysiological or psychosomatic symptoms with greater effectiveness. You will learn how different layers of your physical body are involved in generating and defending against different types of emotions and other psychological experiences. You will learn how to work with your energy body through your physical body to balance cognition and emotion in your work.

You can first take module one and then decide whether to take the remaining modules.

For more detail on the course content click here.


Maggie Phillips - Freedom From Physical & Emotional Pain: Polyvagal Science and Solutions

With Maggie Phillips who co-authored her book "Freedom from Pain" with Peter Levine.

This workshop emphasises the somatic interventions that can provide enduring resolution of pain and other effects of trauma. The contributions of Stephen Porges to polyvagal science, especially the unique links between trauma and pain, as well as somatic strategies indicated for treatment, will be reviewed, demonstrated, and practiced. Specific topics include:

How persistent and chronic pain can be understood by incomplete sympathetic fight/flight responses;

Specific direct and indirect somatic strategies to help regulate dorsal vagal responses linked to pain;

Ways to down-regulate sympathetic active defense responses related to pain;

How social engagement is the solution to more primitive causes of pain;

Ways to teach self-regulation of pain related to active defenses;

Tools to turn on the ventral vagal response to widen the window of healing opportunities;

How the fear/immobility cycle is connected to both the sympathetic and dorsal vagal circuits and how to help clients move out of this cycle.

Live demonstrations and practice exercises will be used to expand key points and develop skills. The ventral vagal engagement between therapists and client will be explored, and avenues to repair that promote integration and developmental maturation will be examined. Case consultation and clinical discussions are welcomed.


This first day emphasises Polyvagal Science and its unique links to the creation of trauma and pain and keys to their solution. We will review clues in body expression that may indicate trauma, and how persistent or chronic pain can be explained by incomplete fight, flight, and freeze/shutdown. We will discuss the fear/immobility cycle, how it is connected to both the sympathetic and dorsal vagal circuits, and practice strategies to help clients move through this cycle.


The second day provides a focus on Polyvagal Solutions for Emotional and Physical Pain Conditions. We will highlight Sympathetic/Adrenal pain and effective interventions, Social Engagement and Ventral Vagal pain and solutions, and pain related to dorsal vagal shut-down, freeze and dissociation. We will explore the role of faulty neuroception and how to shift these reactions, and examine how the ventral vagal connection can be viewed as the solution to more primitive, early life roots of pain.

We will also identify and practice strategies drawn from Somatic Experiencing and Somatic Ego-State Therapy to help regulate dorsal vagal responses linked to pain, to down-regulate sympathetic hyperactivated responses related to pain, and tools to turn on ventral vagal responses so that healing is possible and enduring.

The cost of the weekend with Maggie is £370. If you book before 30th June the price is £350. To book this event click here.


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