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The Bowlby Centre

The Bowlby Centre provides a UKCP accredited training in Attachment Based Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy, which combines psychoanalytic, inter-subjective, and attachment based approaches, within an environment in which difference is both celebrated and analysed in relation to the wider social and political milieu. 

We are committed to inclusiveness and celebration of diversity and throughout the training we encourage our trainees to explore their own experience of, and the implications of societal dynamics around, difference. Our seminars take place on two evenings a week for three terms each year and there are monthly clinical forums where case studies are discussed by practising psychotherapists. We provide a referrals service with standard rate and low cost psychotherapy - those interested are welcome to contact us.

We also offer short courses suitable for CPD and are in the process of designing a 1 - 2 year supplementary training course for established and accredited psychotherapists and counsellors.



Attachment Theory in Clinical Practice

Saturday 19th and Sunday 20th October 2019 and Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd November 2019 Cost: £580 Organisations, £540 Individuals Seminars will include the following themes • Introductions – our relationship to attachment theory. • Attachment theory in context • Separation, loss and mourning • Patterns of attachment and their internal representation • Secure • Dismissing • Preoccupied • Unresolved/disorganised • Not classifiable • Evaluating adult attachment states of mind • Internal working models • Reflective functioning • Intersubjectivity Clinical work will consider the role of mourning, narrative, mutuality and recognition, affective attunement and cycles of rupture and repair in the therapeutic process. The objectives of this course is to introduce Attachment theory and deepen your understanding of it. It’s designed to be of practical value with implications for therapy and human relatedness. The course is aimed for Counsellors, Psychotherapists, Psychologists, Psychiatrists and Social Workers.



Introduction to AEDP Poetry in Motion

In this one day workshop we will introduce Accelerated Experiential Dynamic Psychotherapy (AEDP), a transformative, non pathological model of change developed by Dr Diana Fosha in New York. Drawing on the art and science of psychotherapy, Angela Massucco and Dr Heather Gretton, will introduce AEDP as a healing oriented, experiential, attachment based psychotherapy that translates affective neuroscience and developmental research, into the musicality of AEDP language as an unfolding, moment to moment, therapeutic dance. AEDP is an approach that seeks glimmers of potential healing from the moment of meeting. Engaging the client through a collaborative process, the therapist privileges the healing potential of the relationship to undo aloneness, regulate anxiety, and provide the safety necessary to process previously avoided affective experience.

The body is a vessel for emotional experience. Within the body, felt experience is sensed, encoded in the brain and re-experienced within the brain and body. Through the exquisite attunement between therapist and client, the therapist accompanies the client to access their affective experience, and to regulate and deepen waves of emotion to completion. Out of these completed waves of emotion, relief and hope can emerge, and new adaptive action can come alive. Through meta processing, the therapist engages the person in a self-reflective process, bringing implicit experience into mindful awareness that supports the deepening of the transformational experience. AEDP detects glimmers of hope, undoing fear and shame so that joy and a compassionate and coherent sense of self can emerge. In this introductory workshop Angela Massucco and Dr Heather Gretton, will explore how creative and scientific elements of AEDP meet to access hidden resources, and release resilience and positive growth at the very core of self.


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