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WPF Therapy

Based at London Bridge, WPF Therapy sees more than 500 clients each week in our modern, purpose designed centre. We also provide training for about 1000 people each year.

We are a well-established charity, proud of our reputation for high standards and with active membership of BACP (British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy), UKCP (United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy) and BPC (British Psychoanalytic Council). Our clinical service is accredited by BACP and our graduates are registered with BPC, UKCP or BACP.

We provide:

  • professional trainings and CPD in psychotherapy
  • training in counselling skills for people who work with people
  • a positive commitment to equalities and diversity
  • high-quality, affordable counselling and psychotherapy
  • a variety of therapies, short and long term, because people have different needs
  • support for mental wellbeing in the workplace.


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(London) From Cradle to Kitchen: Attachment, Food and the Self

From the start of life, feeding is a relational experience. The bond between caregiver and infant is brokered in the intimacy of feeding, and our attachment to food is an expression of the relationships we form with other people and ourselves. Our relationship with food expresses something of our attachment histories, secure or insecure: safety and security may be sought in eating or in refusal to eat. This workshop with Linda Cundy explores how the relationship with food is shaped in early life in the context of our first attachments, and how food mediates relationships with other people and with ourselves throughout life. Participants will consider the place of food and feeding in maintaining adult social relationships. Eating disorders are considered from an attachment perspective but are not the sole focus. The workshop will be accompanied by Powerpoint interspersed with DVD and clinical material. There will be discussion in pairs and small groups focused on specific questions. Participants will have opportunities to consider the role of food in their own lives and to reflect on their clients’ relationships with food, feeding and nourishment.


(London) Battlefield Birth? Working therapeutically with birth trauma, tokophobia and perinatal PTSD with Julianne Boutaleb

  • Do you want to better understand the nature of birth trauma and how it differs from other perinatal psychological issues in its clinical presentation e.g. PND vs PTSD?
  • Would you like to explore the psychological impact of birth trauma on the mother, parental identity, the couple relationship and mother-baby attachment?
  • Are you struggling to work therapeutically with individuals and couples presenting with birth trauma, tokophobia and perinatal PTSD and would like more confidence?


(London) Living with Mortality with Lynsey Hotchkies and Neil Hudson

  • What does it mean to live our lives with the knowledge that we are going to die?
  • How does this affect us and our day to day lives?

As therapeutic practitioners, it is important to understand and work with our relationship to our own death and dying. This experiential workshop will be an opportunity to explore the issues, attitudes and feelings surrounding this challenging but rewarding subject.


(London) Intergenerational Trauma, with particular focus on black identity wounding with Dr Aileen Alleyne

As clinicians we may struggle to understand the part that history plays for our clients. This workshop is an opportunity to explore how history still plays a part in creating ongoing challenges for our cultural, social and racial identity. Our history is deeply embedded in the unconscious and understanding this can help facilitate our understanding of the struggles of daily life that our clients are facing. The workshop will provide a space to increase and strengthen our cross-cultural competence in clinical practice.


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Open Days

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