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Psychotherapy Excellence is the UK’s largest online CPD and learning hub, offering the latest Psychotherapy, Counselling and mental health CPD, training and events.

Our blog reflects this commitment to cross-modality learning and thinking, bringing together key voices and new ideas from across the mental health profession.

One of our aims is to connect writers directly with readers – who may include psychotherapists, psychologists, social workers and other practitioners, as well as counsellors and occupational therapists – and to provide a space for lively debate.

Psychotherapy Excellence is always on the look out for new contributors to write pertinent and engaging blogs. These tend to be between 400-600 words, and have a time-sensitive element.

Trainers and speakers might want to pose a question or offer a provocation in advance of a conference or seminar. We are also on the look out for blogs that connect with current hot topics in mental health, or offer a thoughtful response to news headlines. If you are an author with a new book, we may also be interested in publishing a short excerpt.

Although our contributors include some of the most high profile names in Psychotherapy, Counselling and mental health, we also want to be a platform for new and emerging voices.

If you are interested in discussing an idea for the Psychotherapy Excellence blog, please email

Disclaimer: Views expressed in the blog are those of the writer, and not necessarily shared with Psychotherapy Excellence. Publication on this blog does not imply endorsement of the writer’s views by Psychotherapy Excellence. Reasonable care has been taken to avoid errors, but no liability will be accepted for any errors that may occur.

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