• Michael Soth on 'How do we further continuing development in an 'impossible profession'? '

    Approach/issue: Integrative

    In the last two entries, I described the crisis point in professional development that therapists can experience when they are getting in touch with the inherent impossibility of the therapeutic endeavour, and how wrapped up this can become with a disturbing sense of professional failure and personal failings which touch deeply into our subjective identity as therapists. But rather than being understood as the place and space in the therapeutic encounter where we must inevitably arrive if we are to engage the mutually-transformative potential of therapy, our discipline also has a historical tendency to override, side-step, conquer and find ‘solutions’ for these necessary vicissitudes of the process.

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  • Politics on the couch? Psychotherapy and society - some possibilities and some limitations

    Approach/issue: Other

    The ideas and practices of psychotherapy, together with fresh thinking from many other sources, can help to revitalize Western politics which seem broken and moribund. The author describes various professional experiences of his own at the interface of politics and psychotherapy. These include consulting with mainstream and activist politicians and groupings. He discusses how politics in the West is changing in the general direction of what he calls ‘transformative politics’. Third, he asks if psychotherapists can make a difference in the political world today, explaining that, though enthusiastic, he is also skeptical about the whole project.

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